Part of the Indian Head Park Community
Acacia Drive and Sidewalks Update

As many of you know at the Village Board meeting on June 13th the
Village Board voted to include the sidewalk in the grant to reconstruct
Acacia Drive. This was their decision even though almost 89% of the
comments they received from residents were against the sidewalk.
The Village Board now has 2 different plans for the sidewalk – the
original one where there would be a 5’ wide parkway and a 5’ wide
sidewalk and a new alternative that would be a 6’ wide sidewalk
adjacent to the street. Both options would include reducing the width of
Acacia Drive from 33’ to 30’. At the board meeting they did not state
which proposal they were planning to submit.
As many residents from Acacia, Wilshire Green, and Indian Ridge will be
impacted and are opposed to any sidewalk the 3 respective Boards have
decided to meet and look at any further action we may (as a group) be
able to take to prevent the inclusion of any sidewalk through our areas.
We will keep you updated as to any action that the group decides – and
we will need the support of our residents if we do go forward fighting
the sidewalk.