Part of the Indian Head Park Community

Office Phone: 708-246-2400

Office Fax: 708-246-3495

Maintenance: 708-784-9295


Contact the Board of Directors by Mail at 111 Cascade Drive, Indian Head Park, IL 60525 or by email at


President- Amy Eckert

Vice President- Frank O’Connor

Treasurer- John Polacek

Secretary- Jack Brandush

Director of Grounds- Tim Rost, (John Polacek and Jack Brandush backup)

Director of Town Home Maintenance- Peggy Rose Kwiatek, (Diane Voyles back up)     

Director of Recreational Committee- Frank O’Connor (Chair), Amy Eckert (personnel/member services), Jack Brandush (equipment/supplies)

Director of the Clubhouse- Carol Mason (Amy Eckert backup)     

Director of Village Relations- Sharon Kalinoski

Director A & L – Diane Voyles (Chair), Jack Brandush, Frank O’Connor

Director Welcome Baskets- Peggy Rose Kwiatek, (Tim Rost back up)

Director Office/Personnel/Safety- Amy Eckert, (John Polacek back up)