Part of the Indian Head Park Community
New lighting rules adopted by the board take effect January 1, 2021.

Front yard lights need to be operable and on every night with standard white bulbs. Report maintenance issues to the Acacia office.

No planting or any other item can cover any portion of the light fixture on top of the lamppost. The ONLY exception is snowman, pumpkin, etc. fixture coverings designed specifically for a lamppost and following holiday decoration guidelines.

Ground lighting, motion sensor lights and wall lights are permitted but must be white or clear. 

String lighting is not permitted on the front of houses, garages or trees in front of houses except for seasonal lighting that is displayed following the holiday decoration guidelines.

Patio/deck lighting is permitted, but must be contained within your patio area. String lights may be hung no higher than the top of the privacy wall. Lights at the outer edge of the patio/deck may be hung no higher than the nearest privacy wall.

Lights inside gazebos, awnings and umbrellas are not subject to the height rules.

On Dearborn units, upper patio/deck lighting may be attached to the deck railing or the home but no higher than the gutter above the patio/deck sliding door.

Please be considerate of your neighbors when utilizing patio/deck lighting.