Part of the Indian Head Park Community
Swimming Pool Rules

June 29, 2020

In conjunction with Illinois Public Health Rules the Acacia
Association has implemented the following rules.

If you are exhibiting any signs of illness, including
those of the corona virus DO NOT come to the pool.
 EVERYONE entering the pool area MUST present his or her Pool
ID to guard at check-in desk. You must have a signed Waiver on
file to use pool.
 EVERYONE entering the pool area will have temperature checked.
 YOU are responsible for cleaning chair before you leave. Supplies
available at check-in desk.
 YOU are responsible for wiping down all surfaces after using
 Guards will take “cleaning breaks” throughout the day. NO ONE is
allowed to be in the pool during these times.
 Face covering/mask must be worn when checking in and if unable
to ‘social distance’ on deck.
 No guests allowed until further notice.
 Shoes worn to the pool must be removed at the entrance to the
pool and can be placed on the shelves in the shoe corral. Pool
shoes may be brought in and put on.
 Designated eating/snacking areas are the tables in the patio area
outside pool area. There is no eating allowed on the deck and no
eating or drinking allowed in the swimming pool.
 No glass is permitted anywhere in the fenced pool/patio
areas. Coolers/bags may be checked when you check in.
 A member of the family, or that family’s representative, at least
age 14 or older, must accompany all children under the age of 12.

 Only children 4 years and younger are allowed in the baby pool.
Children must have a responsible adult present in this area at all
 Any child that wears diapers must wear rubber or plastic pants
when using both the baby and main pools. No diaper changing on
the pool deck. There are changing areas in locker rooms.
 Residents must not interfere with the lifeguards. Their job is to
insure the safety of patrons and that our pool is properly
supervised at all times.
 No pool users are allowed to sit/climb on guard chairs or check in
 At the discretion of the lifeguard/pool manager on duty, a swim
break may be called. Only those 18 and older will be allowed in
the pool during swim breaks. No one is allowed to sit on stairs or
ladders during swim breaks.
 Floatation devices/pool toys, which obstruct the view of the
lifeguards, are not permitted. The lifeguard/Pool Manager on
duty will determine this restriction. River rafts are not permitted
at any time.
 The pool is closed when the outside temperature is 68 degrees or
 Swimmers can swim while it is raining. However, in the event of
thunder or lightning you will be asked to leave the pool
immediately. The pool will remain closed for 30 minutes after the
last thunder and 1 hour from last lightning occurrence.
 Smoking is only permitted at the tables outside the pool deck
 No pets are allowed in the pool or pool patio area.
 Bathing attire is required when swimming – no street clothes may
be worn in the swimming pool.